Three Drops of Joy

three drops of joy featured ballet dancers

Photograph by Karolina Kuras

Jai-Dee Dancewear is a sustainable leotard company celebrating the beauty, wisdom and value of women who dance. Our blog serves to inform, inspire and connect our community of socially conscious women in ballet and beyond. All hearts are welcome here.

Earlier this fall, when I asked Boston Ballet dancer Chyrstyn Fentroy where she finds beauty in her life, she described beauty as something that exists all around us. With this simple reflection, she reminded us readers how we often have more access to joy than we might habitually notice.

This season, I’m finding it nourishing – crucial even – to look, listen and feel for moments of beauty and joy. These simple moments lift my heart and say to me that we can still be whole, even when our planet feels broken and there is work to be done. I’m learning joy is here for us even when suffering and injustice tramples through our world and over our hearts.

Here are three things of beauty that promise to provide a drop of JOY as you care for your spirit, show up for your world and intentionally give and gift this season:

Fjord Review

This stunning digital dance magazine is coming to life in print this December. It’s a limited edition run and an eco-friendly production. Whether you back their Kickstarter campaign as gesture of artistic support, gift the magazine to other dancers or purchase the creation as artwork for your own coffee table, your contribution will help the joy of dance become tangible.


Market45 is a beautiful online space for people looking to shop differently this season. This ethical fashion marketplace celebrates the joy of simplicity and embraces the value of sustainability. I personally love the featured Farbrook Studio lounge pants for legs that want to stretch, as well as all of the Regenerous Designs headbands. (I own and love the Big Braided Headband in Vintage Rose!) Dancers will simply adore the look and fit of these headbands. Shopping through Market45 not only provides you with ethical and sustainable shopping options – it also provides you 10% off your purchase!

Coloring Without Borders

Artists and citizens are coming together to help end family separation and support family reunification at our American border. This collaborative and beautiful coloring book helps children separated from their families at the border to “expand their imaginations beyond the walls that confine them” and helps encourage “empathy and compassion for families that live free of the struggles that migrant families are enduring.”

All proceeds go directly to Families Belong Together. This is my gift of choice for both the children and adults in my life this holiday season.

With an aching, yet joyful heart,

Sustainable leotards empowering women through ecofriendly clothing.

Sustainable leotards empowering women through ecofriendly clothing.

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