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Jai-Dee Dancewear is a sustainable leotard company celebrating the beauty, wisdom and value of women who dance. Our blog serves to inform, inspire and connect our community of socially conscious women in ballet and beyond. All hearts are welcome here.

Whether you intentionally sought out this page or were just passing by, it’s lovely you’re here. I’ve begun this blog as the founder of Jai-Dee Dancewear, a sustainable leotard company celebrating the beauty, wisdom and value of women who dance. I am also a former professional dancer and forever a lover of movement. I believe in fiercely protecting the arts, caring for humanity, listening to Mother Nature, cultivating a generation of strong girls and supporting kind hearts.

In 2016, I adopted a little girl. Of all the moments and memories there are to miss about my career as a ballerina, the thing I never experienced is the thing I ache for most – to have danced with the wider perspective, clarified purpose and deep joy motherhood generously provides me. Among the many humbling lessons I am encountering as a mother, it’s the simple ones that stick – how love itself is the highest art form, and no matter what, kindness matters. As you meet, read and follow our young brand, you’ll find me coming back to these truths often, striving to fully embody them as a creator, mother and human being.

On these pages, you’ll find sustainability explored as a creative, imperfect endeavor. I will be learning out loud as we unfold the inner workings of Jai-Dee here on this blog, with passion for process and dedication to transparency. You’ll find these pages featuring the socially-minded projects, people and causes with which Jai-Dee is delighted to collaborate and support. Most importantly, this space is designed for the work of all creative women – your voice and your work are invited here too. Sustainability, self-care, creativity, community, arts advocacy and artistic activism are a few themes that will dance among these posts.

The growth of this page and the words on it will be slow and steady, with intentions to offer monthly reflections, articles and love notes in service of growing a conscious community of dancing women. My hope is that you will find a mindful, artistic space being built here, with all hands and hearts welcome.

From my art to yours,

Sustainable leotards empowering women through ecofriendly clothing.

Sustainable leotards empowering women through ecofriendly clothing.

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